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The Blood: God's Love Transfusion


2 CD Series-- by Pastor CJ McBride


The Blood: God's Love Transfusion


CD #1 - Confidence In The Blood


CD #2 - Apply The Blood With Your Mouth

  • In this series, Pastor CJ paints a picture of the unseen blood (DNA) transfusion of our      unrighteous blood for His righteous Blood. See by the Holy Spirit microscope what is available in the blood.
  • God’s perfect Love in the form of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary has made a way for us to live an abundant and joy-filled life by exchanging His perfect sinless blood for our sins and sickness.
‘He who knew no sin, became sin, that we might become the righteousness of God, In Christ Jesus’ (II Cor. 5:21)



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