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Love lives here. Everything we do at Abiding Love is centered on displaying the unfailing love of God with our congregation, our community, and the world. We are not a social club that meets a few times a week to hear hollow lectures from dusty pages. We are a family that carries each other and cares for each other with the enduring passion that only comes from God. Each week Pastor CJ illuminates the scriptures with fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit and he seasons each message with his own personality and unique illustrations that come from over 30 years of being in the ministry. We come together every week, a collection of imperfect people from many different walks of life, to worship God together in unity.

People are our mission. They are the reason we are here, and the reason we do what we do. You can sum up our vision in four words: Win, Connect, Equip, and Release. Our first goal is to win the lost to Christ. This is the most critical part of our mission depopulating hell, and repopulating heaven by showing people the sacrifice that God made in Jesus to restore man to his place as a child of God. Then we get people connected to a local church where they can begin to grow and flourish as new Christians. We begin to equip them with the knowledge they will need to live a victorious life so that they can mature in Christ. Then we release them into the community and the world to spread the love of God in a continuous cycle. Our mission is not complex, but it is vital. It is our deep love of God that drives our sincere love for God's people, where ever they are and no matter what condition they are in. We are ambassadors of Love.

We have been truly blessed by the LORD, to have Dr. C.J. & GiGi McBride as our Pastors. Dr. C.J. has over 30 years in GOD's Ministry and is an outstanding leader and teacher of the BIBLE. GOD's anointing on Dr. C.J. & GiGi is evident at every service as well as in their everyday walk. 

    Abiding Love Fellowship Staff


    Dr. C.J. & GiGi McBride

    Sr. Pastors


    Pastor Alan & Tammy Sims

    Executive Pastor/Worship Leader

    Pastor Scott & Diana McKenzie

    Care & Connect Pastor

    Pastor Nick & Christian King

    Youth Pastor

    Pastor Lisa Gregory

    Kingdom Friends Pastor

    Pastor Charles & Tina Fountain

    Kingdom Friends Pastor


    To Reach Our Community And The World With God's Love!
    Abiding Love
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